The reason why I bought

I bought an Everlast notebook made by Rocketbook! I had been searching for paperless life. This is the video which made me decide to get the notebook when I saw at first sight.

The points I thought nice

  • I can erase many times and use endlessly.
  • I can erase using wet tissue: the item is in office.
  • It is easy to convert to a digital format.

How to buy

I bought one on the US Amazon because they are not sold in normal Japanese e-commerce sites. You can buy in the same way as Japanese Amazon if you don’t mind waiting shipping lag and reading English.

The price is item price $34.00 + shipping cost $5.60. When I changed the payment method to Japanese yen, item price 3,894 yen + shipping cost 641 yen, total 4,545 yen (in August 2017).

I tried using!

After 2 weeks from my order, the item came from the US, so I tried using!

drawing and erasing

First, I drew with a Friction Pen.

Next, I erased with wet tissue.

It has erased!! (The brightly paper because it has not dried yet)


I scan by app for Everlast notebook. The marks bottom of the notebook are able to relate the forwarding methods, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on. This time I related leftmost mark to mail address.

Referenced from Rocketbook App.
Referenced from Rocketbook App.

Forwarding method is properly recognized.

Referenced from Rocketbook App.
Referenced from Rocketbook App.

Sending!! The image arrived at mail box.

Referenced from Rocketbook App.
Referenced from Rocketbook App.

Closing remark

The points I thought nice were the most exciting as I expected!

Little worrisome things are that drying time is a little longer than normal paper. Besides, after I use wet tissue, I should wait drying time, or it is still wet next time. However, I think they are small problems.

The most important thing is that I will carelessly draw with a normal pen, then I am going to be sad. I will try to be careful…!

* This article is an English translation of my Japanese blog.